Vegan Sanctuary is the written expression of Animal Acres deeply felt commitment to non violence and to saving the lives of animals who have been sadly branded as disposable or worthless. This blog is a reflection of what it might mean to exist as a personal sanctuary for those animals and how becoming vegan opens our hearts to a more compassionate way of living.

This blog will be a resource of education and information about the single most important action we as individuals can take in regard to helping animals. Becoming vegan is a simple, easy, delicious, healthy way to save lives and help make the world a more peaceful, loving place for every-one.

One of the main principles behind what Vegan Sanctuary's truth is and what the message from this blog represents lies deeply in the awareness, consciousness and recognition that nearly every one of the individuals at Animal Acres are alive today because they were never killed.... to be eaten or consumed. They are here today because they are loved, respected and sincerely cared about. These beautiful animal persons at the sanctuary here represent lives that matter and lives that are considered more important than the superficial pleasure they may have provided after being turned into a commodity.

Living vegan provides us the opportunity to be
living proof that we really take animals lives seriously and that we also recognize there is no difference between consuming the flesh of non human animals and in using any other product which is taken from them.

Becoming vegan can radically transform our experience of the world. Imagine living life fully present in a moment of focus that is based on love, compassion and of rejecting violence and exploitation. Imagine converting a slaughterhouse into a no kill shelter and what that transition would mean to the activity surrounding that facility. Imagine our dinner tables as metaphors for how we make decisions about violence and oppression. Our world is designed by the decisions each of us make and we as individuals are defined by the choices we make.

When we move away from eating or using animal products and become a sanctuary for animals, we mirror the compassion found at Animal Acres directly back into our own lives.
Which, in turn, peacefully and brightly reflects back out again into the rest of the world.

For all the animals,


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