Ninety-five is the average number of animals spared each year by one person’s vegan diet.

Many people who have not yet ended eating and consuming animal foods often will after a visit to Animal Acres or another farmed animal sanctuary.

When a person can witness farmed animals-out of context- as always just property or as merely food animals but rather in context as real living persons who have a right to live their own lives, something shifts and a transformation occurs.

Over at the brilliant blog

(Animal Rights and AntiOppression)

Deb, one of the sites very talented bloggers has written a beautiful post about the new book titled Ninety Five.

Meeting America’s Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs.

It is an anthology of photos and stories by No Voice Unheard which published one of the more powerful anthologies regarding non humans a few years ago,

One At A Time- A Week in an American Animal Shelter .

Sadly farmed animals are mostly forgotten about. They are always overlooked as individuals having any value or importance.

Their lives and deaths are never given any genuine or serious attention.

Yet, no caring, compassionate or moral person would ever agree that what is inflicted upon them should be allowed. But, this is exactly what happens because we never know them. We never see them for who they are. We never accurately look at their faces, hear their stories or ever know their names.

Besides visiting a farmed animal sanctuary Ninety Five may be one of the best places where people can discover the beauty, depth and personalities of the animals most people merely see as property to be turned into food.

Become a sanctuary for Ninety Five farmed animals a year.

Go vegan.


  1. This looks to be a very powerful book. I love the sample writings. I will be purchasing this now.
    Thank you.


  2. love the blog! thanks so much!!

    lauren calvert

  3. Where can I buy this book? It looks beautiful.

  4. farmed animals are always forgotten. very well said.
    can't wait to buy this book.


  5. Thanks for reminding me that I want to buy (and recommend to others) this beautiful book!