Linking a Revolution

Besides going vegan, volunteering one's time at Animal Acres is one of the best ways to help farmed animals.

And when someone volunteers at a farmed sanctuary like Animal Acres they are directly helping animals that have been rescued from the fate of being another countless victim of the meat, dairy and egg industry. However, there's also another way of volunteering one's time that can help save countless farmed animals lives too and it's nearly as easy as just turning on your computer.

From Your Computer Comes A Vegan World

Social activism creates change in the world when people communicate with one another and the ideas behind that activism spread within a community, then beyond. When one human empowers another to make the connection from, what they sense is true about the world in their heart, to doing the right thing in their lives.

When people volunteer to make a difference in the world not only do they help those in need but they also empower others to communicate and spread the word. This is what assists getting people involved in the specific cause as well.

This is what effective activism is all about. Not telling people what to do...but encouraging them by example and engaging them to see for themselves what is really happening in society.

Great activists change the world by laying down the foundation for other people to make the connections to other people and so forth and so on. This is so much different and extremely more successful than demanding or commanding that people change.

Empowering others to see for themselves is how revolutions start and today it's actually easier than ever.

We see this type of foundation for change happening right now before our eyes with the uprisings in the Middle East.

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, cell phones etc are playing the main role in keeping the momentum continuing for the usually voiceless masses by making communication simple and by exposing the oppression to the world.... in real time.

Animal activists have this same power right now. The power to connect to other potential future vegans by using the Internet to be a very effective uncensored news agency and a revealer of oppression, cruelty and truth.

We have the opportunity now to spread the word so to speak, by showing the images of oppression and violence. When we share the videos that reveal the reality of how animals are violently turned from living, feeling beings into unnecessary food items we make that unjust universe known.

We live in a time that no matter how hard the animal killing industries try they can no longer censor the images and reality of where our animal food comes from. The lies, myths and walls that have been erected to specifically prevent people from seeing for themselves the misery, death and pain they actually cause when they themselves buy animal products... are now disappearing.

Even though bills are being passed

as this post is written to outlaw filming undercover video in businesses that kill animals for food products the censorship is slowly however, coming to an end because we all now possess the power of the internet at our finger tips.

It's now up to each and every vegan activist to volunteer our time in sharing the images of truth with the rest of our social network. The videos available online now are some of the most important tools we have in changing the world for the animals.

Yet, it is impossible to change the world without taking action.

The non human animals need your volunteer efforts now.. to paste that video link in an email, tweet it to a twitter, or link it on that "friends" Facebook page.

This is why people volunteer in the first place. They want to make a difference.

If we do nothing at all the world remains a cruel and more hopeless place where apathy becomes the actual camouflage that maintains the cover for those who continue to abuse and exploit.

We can easily see in politics here in the US as well as throughout the world that those who are overwhelmed by greed, selfishness and hate need to maintain their power with lies, fear and violence.

We live in a society where extreme violence toward non human animals is completely accepted because those who might actually care, or who might demand change or who might fight the powers that be are kept ignorant of how their meat and dairy is created.

We now have the opportunity to challenge a violent system of oppression with a simple few clicks from our computers. It is we animal rights advocates who now have the power to awaken the world to a possible future without so much ignorance and so much killing.

By simply volunteering a few minutes of your life to posting this video here on the pages of your social network contacts, your twitter followers or email contacts we can slowly destroy a world built on speciesism and controlled through ignorance.

I can tell you now for a fact that these videos are having an effect and are waking people up and changing their lives.

Living vegan not only entails a life that refrains from causing harm to others but also includes recognizing that we can change the world by educating other humans of what the consequences are when they eat or wear animal products.

There is no such thing as humane meat.

Be a sanctuary for others, go vegan and share a video.

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  1. Thank you! This post came at the perfect time for me. I have been trying to find a way to volunteer to help farm animals. I volunteer at a dog and cat rescue here but there is not a farm animal rescue in my area. I wanted to do something to specifically help farm animals as well as the dogs and cats. You gave me the answer I needed.