What is Love?

(I would imagine none of you are google-ing right now in hopes of finding out the answer to the above question ).

Some of the most complex emotions when in their purest and simplest forms are just that...Pure and Simple.

Love is mainly the notion..... that those who you care deeply about...experience happiness and not grief and not pain.

When love is experienced and truly felt. (not when you think you love someone)
You want that other or others to be happy
. It's as simple as that.

When the person or persons whom you love are feel that suffering... you share in their pain, their sorrow and their anguish.

(the term person here is to include non human animals as they are persons as well)

Think about someone you really love...your child, your parent, your wife, your husband ...your dog, your cat...your adopted pig or turkey here at animal acres.

We know that those who we love..we really want them to be happy and to feel good.

When we marry this concept of love.... with our feelings in regard to animals and our taking seriously what happens to the animals of the world we realize how our emotions can become wrapped up in so much pain.

When you really love animals the way many of us do. And you have to map these feelings onto the acknowledgement of dairy farms, of slaughterhouses, rodeos, circus's, sport hunting, animal research, the atrocity that are fur farms and yes.... the big city Animal Services as well. Anyplace where non humans are mistreated, abused and killed...and the territory seems endless.

It is a painful experience to live with this knowledge when those we love suffer or are killed. Death is an astonishing reality whenever we love someone deeply and we lose them.

When we really love another..... pain is a risk we must endure when those we love are harmed or their life ends.

However, love also carries with it the greatest joy, happiness and pleasure we can ever know.

Nothing feels better than Love.

Love is deeply wired into us all and is rooted in our biology and is one of the reasons it is such a powerful and transcendent feeling.

When we really love others there is also an incredible loss that takes place.

Yet this loss is a subtraction of...a minus of...

A deficit of sorts that becomes something incredibly and beautifully positive.

It is the sudden loss of our own selves in place of feeling for another.

When we LOVE... we disappear.

When we lose our own self and our total attention becomes focused on some-one we love.... We can feel that boundless state of being that is so favorable to happiness and so naturally calculated in making the world a more peaceful and LOVING place.

Be a sanctuary for someone.

Be Love.

Become vegan.

Listen here WHAT IS LOVE for?


  1. Heard you speak at Animal Acres on Saturday. I brought 5 members of my family who are "animal lovers," but aren't vegan (like my husband and I are), or even vegetarian. Two of them cried. We had a long talk after we left about how to become vegan. I don't know if this will happen, but I do know they don't feel comfortable cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow. We're having a Tofurkey instead!

    Thank you for you words that day. :)

  2. It was a terrific day and I thought your talk during Thankful Turkeys at Animal Acres was awesome.You had so much information from your heart and your experience. You are a great voice for animals and we need more speakers like you to reach not just the vegans or as you said...those of us who are not....yet.
    Thank you for your vegan words.
    Love your blog!


  3. I want to thank "Animal Acres" for helping me. I suffered a severe 2nd degree burn, and they helped me. They are not only compassionate for non-human animals, but for human animals too.

    Bless you, "Animal Acres" and all involved, U 2 Philip ("

    Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas.