SANCTUARY...for you.

We humans are not alone in the world. The other animals of this world share the experience of happiness and suffering as we humans do.

For the world to actually matter to us the happiness and suffering of others must matter to us as well.

The fact that many of us must rely on our intuitions to find this landscape of concern does not always make for a more compassionate world.

The compass that most humans use to navigate the world...fails to detect the non human animals in it's scope.

We live in a world where the small minded quest for material possessions and a desperate search for pleasure out of self interest... inevitably leads to an incredible amount of suffering and death.

The farmed animals of the world are (and will be) the most forgotten and the least cared about creatures on the planet.
These animals will die in the billions upon billions and not one of their stories will ever be seen on... Animal Planet.

When we can locate the landscape of kindness in ourselves and in the world.....
both become limitless.
When we can recognize this place as who we are.....
happiness and freedom are directly at our finger tips.

We all belong to the ideas we love.
When our ideas are responsible for bringing more love to the world......
our intuitions about living vegan become truth.

Let this video be your (post) Thanksgiving mantra for the animals.

Share it with others.

Go Vegan.

Click here for the SANCTUARY..... video

Produced by Patty Shenker.
Performed by Donna Delory.


  1. I really love that video. I like what you say here about how we belong to ideas we love.
    I love Animal Acres.
    Thank you.


  2. I went to the "Thankful Turkeys" celebration at Animal Acres after that with a few of my fellow Vegan Toastmasters - and I was amazed by what happened there.

    The guest speaker at this event was - drum roll please -- Phillip from our own club who gave an excellent speech in front of over 300 people. His speech was on being a Vegan, Feelings and why Animal Acres is so important. The speech was at least 20 minutes long and was informative, honest and quite funny. The audiance loved the speech and the message it had.

    To me, the great speech Phillip gave that day showed me how important Vegan Toastmasters is because anyone of us may have to someday give a speech in front of 300 plus people. It is good to know that because of Vegan Toastmasters we can do it.

    Here what another fellow Vegan Toastmasters said: "It was VERY exciting to see Philip give his speech - it was very informative, funny and he was so calm and collected. Hooray Philip!"

    I could not have said it any better - a grand job by Phillip at a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration!

    Mike kelly Vegan Toastmasters