LITE A FLAME-for the animals

It doesn't interest me who you know

or how you came to be here.

I want to know if you will stand

in the center of the fire

with me

and not shrink back

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

When we become vegan we evolve.

When we live vegan because we're against violence and oppression it is nearly impossible to turn back to being complicit once again in the exploitation and killing of non humans.

When we become vegan for ethical reasons there is a flame lit.

When our veganism becomes a communication to others about animal rights

the radiance from this flame burns even brighter.

When we humans notice that this flame is also our light to glimpse more clearly the connection we have to each other...........

maybe then do we realize that the only goal that's important in our lives is to see....

Each other.

Although she died in 1997 Laura Nyro was a fire of creativity, compassion and genius.

It's sad that such a beautiful spirit of a person would be taken so early.

Laura lit a flame for animals with her insightful words and music.

LITE A FLAME (the animal rights song)

Vegan Sanctuary shares with you this beautiful anthem to be inspiration for you to live vegan and to stand up for all the animals and to never "shrink" back.

We humans often forget that we are animals. And we are animals from Africa.

We share an incredible past and link to that place in the world.

We are not only all distant cousins but we are all brothers and sisters.

We are all from the same mother.

We divide ourselves into different races and species yet our intermediates (the animals who connect us) are merely extinct. They once lived as we do now.

The way our minds divide us all is not only horribly deceptive but brings about prejudice and suffering.

We humans are only a tiny part of a great chain and we are all linked to one another.

We could stand hand in hand in unbroken unity with every other animal who has ever lived before.

Why is this beautiful truth not our spirituality or our earthly or even "heavenly" religion?

Go vegan and let that transformation be the flame that sweeps through your life and lights the fire for others.

This post is dedicated to all the animals in cages everywhere and eversince.

This post is dedicated to Animal Rights Africa for being in the center of the fire.

This post is dedicated to everyone who fights prejudice, discrimination and oppression.

This post is also dedicated to the new blog

Be a sanctuary and a flame for others,

Be vegan

Laura Nyro (1970)

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click here Lite A Flame (the animal rights song)

In the zoo

They gave him a cage

Circus put a sparkle

On his face

Away from life

The elephant walks

Shadow across a dream

Lost for ivory

Oh freedom

Lite a flame

It's like prejudice

For the color of your skin

Prejudice for a woman

Prejudice for an animal

Like the elephant of the plain

Masai moon

In the morningrise

Africa -

The world comes alive

A matriarch

Leads the tribe

To the sweet water

The cool feelin'

And the way to survive

Oh freedom

Lite a flame

It's like prejudice

For the color of your skin

Prejudice for a woman

Prejudice for an animal

Like the elephant of the plain

Of the plain

For greed not need

Societies sleep

Lead the killing hand on

Young ones full of spark

A wave of birds across the park

Kids climbing

Sliding, riding free

Elephant child hiding

Behind a tree


For an animal

Like the elephant of the plain

In the early part of the 20th century nearly 50 million elephants lived freely.

Today there are less than 600,000 of our vegan brothers and sisters and they are still being killed by the thousands every year.


  1. Check out this informative and inspiring video on why people choose vegan:

    Also see Gary Yourofsky:

  2. I've never heard this song before. I recognize her voice and realize she has had other hits.
    When I look at the photos and hear her words the eys of the baby pigs and the eyes of the human/ape creature made me weep a tiny bit. I love the lyrics of this song.
    This is what animal acres is a place where animals can go after they are victims of prejudice.
    Very nice Philp.

  3. Thank you . . .

    Mary Martin

  4. Monique said

    I want to thank "Animal Acres" for helping me. I suffered a severe 2nd degree burn, and they helped me. They are not only compassionate for non-human animals, but for human animals too.

    Bless you, "Animal Acres" and all involved, U 2 Philip ("

    Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas.

    Posted by Monique to VEGAN SANCTUARY at December 25, 2009 5:03 PM

  5. What a wonderful song. The words and the pictures go very well together. This blog is a wonderful place to be.
    Such beautiful subjects on vegan living and animals.
    Keep up the great work brother.

  6. This is beautiful. Sad and beautiful. You are helping wake up the world.

    Body, mind, soul w/music.

    I knew it!

  7. What a touching and moving post. I've never heard of this song and I don't think many people have.
    I heard you speak at Animal Acres.
    You are a great voice for the animals.
    Happy Holidays to you and Animal Acres.